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Lakes in Ooty

lakes in ooty

It is one of the most sparkling lakes in Ooty, which was artificially constructed in 1823 and covers an area of 65 acres, as of today. Eucalyptus grooves around the Lake lend enchantment to the view. Nilgiri mountain railway line, which runs along with one of the lake’s banks, adds charm to the surroundings. We have the lake view hotels in Ooty at a very affordable cost. You can book these hotels through our website Top Ooty Travels. Ooty Boat House Lake is the largest natural lake on this hill station. The large boathouse created adjacent to the lake by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation is a prime cause of tourist attraction here. The whole lake is guarded by huge eucalyptus trees that make a unique natural combination of green and blue in this scenery. We offer the package of tours and travels in Ooty by booking these you can easily spend your time of boat lake house. We also provide call taxi in Ooty to travel across Ooty. Pykara River descends from the Mukurthi Peak of Nilgiri Hills. This lake is situated among the serene atmosphere of dense forest areas and the lush greenery of this river valley. So the government has constructed a forest house for the peaceful accommodation of the tourists at affordable prices.

Boat House Ooty

The Ooty Lake figures in many places to see in Ooty lists. During the Ooty Summer Festival held in May, you and the kids may enjoy the festivities by watching the numerous boat races and pageants held here. You can see that boat races in May month. We have the lake view hotels in Ooty. You can book our tours and travels package to enjoy the boathouse in the lake. We also offer call taxi in Ooty to wanderlust the Ooty peacefully. The Avalanche Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Ooty. They say that sometimes beauty comes from a place of pain. So was the case with this gorgeous lake too. It was created out of a very heavy landslide that occurred in the early 1800s. Every year, the South-Indian monsoons are a cause for joy as it fills up this lake. You can book the lake view hotels in Ooty at an offer price. Imagine enjoying a boat ride in a scenic lake that stands surrounded by groves of Eucalyptus trees even as a toy train chugs along with one of its banks. This is not a scene described out of a Bollywood movie. Rather, it’s a glimpse of what awaits you at the Ooty Lake that shares its name with the town.

Emarald Lake in Ooty

Avalanche Lake, Ooty is the perfect destination for a picnic or a camping trip in this hill station. Pack your camping gear, throw in your picnic essentials, and get set on your journey to this picturesque water body. A scenic drive of less than an hour will bring you to the vicinity of your destination. Bordered by a roiling landscape speckled with colorful blooms and winding paths, Avalanche Lake presents a sight to behold and treasure forever. Top Ooty Tours and Travels will arrange the Avalanche trip. We take complete care of your trip. Once you book our tour packages in Ooty we afford you the best call taxi in Ooty and the best rooms in Ooty. We have many lake view hotels in Ooty according to your needs. The main attractions you find surrounding the lake are the boat races and boat pageantry organized as a part of the Summer Festival in Ooty. The Ooty lake is often referred to as Ooty boathouse as boating is one of the prime attractions of the lake throughout the year. And with greenery all around, it’s a must-visit place to experience and appreciate the beauty of Ooty.

Boating in Ooty

The charming hill station of Ooty is an escape plan during the harrowing summer months. And the places to visit in Ooty include some very irresistible natural vistas, misty landscapes, and lakes that present a strong case for languid living. Wouldn't it be just perfect to sit back and relax by one of these lakes in Ooty? You can see the beauty of Ooty by booking our lake view hotels in Ooty through our website Top Ooty Travels. You can happily explore Ooty with your family through one of the best call taxi in Ooty. You can also do a call taxi booking in Ooty on the Top Ooty Travels website. Ooty Lake is one of the most serene and peaceful tourist attractions in Ooty. If you are lucky, you can also spot some rare birds near the lake. But it is not just the beauty of the lake that makes this place so popular - the fun activities for kids and adults alike are also a major crowd puller.